Help save Jerry the marmoset from a life trapped in the UK primate pet trade

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Wild Futures desperately needs funds to help save Jerry the marmoset from a life trapped in the UK primate pet trade. 

Jerry’s exact age is unknown but it’s thought that he is 3 or 4 years old and he has been kept as a pet in at least two different homes. It is likely that he was taken from his mother at just weeks old. Tragically for a highly social monkey, he has been kept in a life of isolation.

Jerry currently lives in a cage inside a house; he has no access to any natural vegetation and makes contact and alarm vocalisation’s daily. His owners, who are expecting their first baby, contacted Wild Futures when they realised they couldn’t cope, and they urgently needed to give him away.

In the wild, common marmosets live in extended family groups of 3-15 individuals. The group usually consists of one adult breeding pair and their offspring, but can include two breeding males. The dominant adults will be the only members of the group to produce young; however the rest of the group will all help take care of them. The group will forage for food and sleep together, always with a sentry watching for predators.

We need to act fast to make sure that Jerry is given a home at The Monkey Sanctuary and to prevent him becoming a further victim of UK primate pet trade.

We urgently need to raise £3000 to bring him from North Wales to The Monkey Sanctuary, near Looe.

Can you help by donating today?

We have recently rescued two other marmosets, Coco and Kiki, and have another two marmosets on a waiting list. Wild Futures along with other organisations are experiencing a huge increase in requests to rescue marmosets, but sadly most rescue facilities are filling up fast and few have any space available. That is why we launched our Mission Marmoset appeal, to raise funds to build specialist enclosures at our sanctuary based in Looe, Cornwall.

Jerry had a very sad start to life and is now showing signs of distress, so experienced carers at the Sanctuary are anxious to make sure that he is rescued as soon as possible. The alternative for Jerry is unthinkable.

Please help give Jerry and others like him a chance of happiness by contributing towards his appeal.


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