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Names: Beattie, Finley and Freya

Species: Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

Who are they? The Responsible Older Sister, the Playful Little Brother and the Energetic Little Sister

Special skills? Foraging for tasty treats to eat!

Adopt Beattie, Finley and Freya


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Adopting a monkey with Wild Futures really is a gift with a difference. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, you will be supporting the work of our charity and enabling us to protect primates and their habitats worldwide. The monkeys featured in the adoption scheme reside at projects run by Wild Futures. Each monkey is unique with their own characters and personalities so please do check out their monkey pictures and profiles. As a Monkey adopter you will receive:

  • A cuddly monkey toy (optional)
  • Personalised certificate of your adoption
  • Photo of your adopted monkey
  • Your monkey’s story
  • Species factsheet
  • Wild Futures newsletters throughout the year
  • Discounted entry fee to our Monkey Sanctuary

About Beattie, Finley and Freya

Names: Beattie, Finley and Freya

Species: Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

Who are they? The Responsible Older Sister, the Playful Little Brother and the Energetic Little Sister

Special skills? Foraging for tasty treats to eat!

Beattie was born into the pet trade in 2016, to a breeding pair of marmosets. Like the majority of marmoset births, Beattie was born a twin, but her sibling unfortunately passed away very early on and so Beattie was raised on her own. Finley and Freya were the next set of twins born, but unfortunately their owner split them from Beattie and their father, as they were worried about jealousy in such a small space. This is extremely unnatural for marmosets as the father provides the majority of care for their babies (besides from them getting milk from their mum), whilst older siblings stick around to help care for the new young and learn those natural skills for themselves, so this would have been an extremely stressful time for all of them. They lived during this time in adjacent bird-cages, unable to reach each other.

Eventually, siblings Beattie, Finley and Freya were put together. There was very little room for them to move, no ropes or branches to walk or swing on, and no substrate to forage through, but thankfully, their owner wanted a more natural life for them and contacted us. When they first arrived at the sanctuary, all three of them initially struggled with the complexity of their new enclosures as they had never moved around on anything but the cage bars before. Thankfully, their young ages meant that they were keen and energetic and, before long, they were all well on their way to mastering the art of being a marmoset!

Beattie has taken on the role of family protector and always makes sure that her playful younger siblings are safe. From time to time, she does like to indulge in a wrestling game with the twins, which they all love! They often spend hours chasing each other around and jumping into blanket hammocks! They do still have the odd sibling squabble though, and none of them are fond of sharing their food, so they tend to keep their distance from each other at feeding times.

Primates are intelligent and sociable animals and being kept as pets is a lonely, under-stimulating existence that can lead to abnormal behaviours. These behaviours may remain with the monkeys for the rest of their lives. But with enough environmental stimulation, social company, and lots of space with access to branches and trees, we can help these monkeys recover and offer them a stable, stimulating, and social life at the Sanctuary.

Adopting Beattie, Finley and Freya means that you are helping to provide the resources needed to give Beattie, Finley and Freya the best life possible. Your adoption also enables Wild Futures to continue its vital work campaigning for an end to the primate pet trade in the UK and abroad.


Adopters will receive a photo of either Beattie, Finley or Freya.

Our adoptions are purely symbolic, which means you will not receive any real animals in the post! Monkeys are wild animals – not domesticated pets.

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