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Who are they? The Protective Big Brother and the Inquisitive Little Sister

Special skills: Grooming each other

Adopt Disco and Peanut


Please note that overseas adoptions cannot be paid for by monthly direct debit. You can pay annually via credit/debit card.


Adopting a monkey with Wild Futures really is a gift with a difference. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, you will be supporting the work of our charity and enabling us to protect primates and their habitats worldwide. The monkeys featured in the adoption scheme reside at projects run by Wild Futures. Each monkey is unique with their own characters and personalities so please do check out their monkey pictures and profiles. As a Monkey adopter you will receive:

  • A cuddly monkey toy (optional)
  • Personalised certificate of your adoption
  • Photo of your adopted monkey
  • Your monkey’s story
  • Species factsheet
  • Wild Futures newsletters throughout the year
  • Discounted entry fee to our Monkey Sanctuary

About Disco and Peanut

Disco and Peanut were born and sold into the UK primate pet trade in 2010, and lived for seven years together as pets before arriving at the Monkey Sanctuary in November 2017. Disco is a very cautious monkey and doesn’t trust people very easily. He takes a lot of comfort from his sister Peanut who, despite their differences, is the one he truly trusts. Peanut is a bit more confident than her brother Disco, but is still quite nervous of people. When they first met their new care staff here, they would both ‘bristle strut’ a lot – bristle strutting is a behaviour that marmosets do when they feel scared or threatened and want to show off how big and scary they are by puffing up their fur and stomping around. Eventually though they began to trust all of their carers and are now very relaxed around everyone! Every morning they wake up and snuggle up together in a blanket on a hammock whilst waiting for their breakfast. After that they head out for the morning, as they both really enjoy being outside. Neither of them are particularly happy when the weather is bad as this means they can’t go out and enjoy a good forage in the grass or a play in the trees! When the weather is good however, they hardly spend a moment inside! At 9 years old they are both quite old for marmosets, but they both show a zest for life that proves that they want to enjoy their new life here and live it to the fullest!

Adopting Disco and Peanut means that you are helping to provide the resources needed to give Disco and Peanut the best life possible. Your adoption also enables Wild Futures to continue its vital work campaigning for an end to the primate pet trade in the UK and abroad. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our adoptions are purely symbolic and are a great way to support our sanctuary, where the monkeys shown on our website (who have been rescued from traumatic lives as peoples pets) have a home for life. 

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