Who is he? One of the Big Guys

Special skills: Playing all the time!

Adopt Oliver


Please note that overseas adoptions cannot be paid for by monthly direct debit. You can pay annually via credit/debit card.


Adopting a monkey with Wild Futures really is a gift with a difference. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, you will be supporting the work of our charity and enabling us to protect primates and their habitats worldwide. The monkeys featured in the adoption scheme reside at projects run by Wild Futures. Each monkey is unique with their own characters and personalities so please do check out their monkey pictures and profiles. As a Monkey adopter you will receive:

  • A cuddly monkey toy (optional)
  • Personalised certificate of your adoption
  • Photo of your adopted monkey
  • Your monkey’s story
  • Species factsheet
  • Wild Futures newsletters throughout the year
  • Discounted entry fee to our Monkey Sanctuary

About Oliver

Oliver, a woolly monkey, was born in January 2004 at The Monkey Sanctuary, despite his mother having a contraceptive implant, proving that contraception is not an exact science!

As the youngest, Oliver is a popular member of the woolly colony. He is an adventurous character who is always foraging and exploring. He loves to play, swing, jump and see how much he can get away with around the other monkeys

Following Oliver's birth The Monkey Sanctuary revised the use of contraceptive implants and now the females of the colony take a contraceptive pill; which has, so far, been successful.

Woolly monkeys are endangered in their homelands in South America and are at great risk as they are highly specialised monkeys designed to live in the rainforest canopy. They are highly susceptable to environmental changes and therefore deforestation, one of the largest problems in the Amazon in South America, has a huge and devestating impact on their population numbers. Woolly monkeys were very fashionable in the 1960s and 70s as pets and this trade once again dealt their species a heavy blow in terms of population sizes and distributions. The method of capture (which is still the same today) was to shoot at colonies of monkeys, selling the dead adults as bushmeat and the babies as pets.

The trade in woolly monkeys in Europe is now illegal, however they are still kept as pet (often illegally) in South America.

Ollie could well live in his twenties; adopting Ollie means that you are offering staff at the Monkey Sanctuary the resources they need to offer him the best quality of life possible, for the rest of his life.

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