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Fruit Salad for the Monkeys

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Our monkeys love a nice selection of soft fruits! We try to make fruit salads more interesting for the monkeys by scattering bits of mango, melon, strawberries or peaches all around their enclosures so that they can forage for these tasty treats as they would do in the wild!

By buying this virtual gift you will be helping the staff at the Monkey Sanctuary buy soft fruits for the monkeys to forage for and eat! A tasty, tangy treat for our rescued capuchins, woolly monkeys, or Barbary macaques!

For your generous donation you will receive a Monkey Sanctuary gift card, either made out to yourself, or made out in someone else s name as a present!

If you are a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid this purchase by ticking the Gift Aid box as you check out, this incurs no additional cost to you, but helps a great deal with our rescue and rehabilitation work at the Sanctuary!

Please enter the details of the card recipient in the 'Gift Comments' section of our checkout.

Please note, the delivery cost covers a certificate being sent out to the recipient. Should you wish not to receive this, please email our team.