Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary is Flooded!

                                                                                                                                                                          22 November 2012        

Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary is Flooded! 

Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary located just outside of Looe in Cornwall, was today flooded causing significant damage to the Sanctuary buildings including staff offices and the public toilets.  At approximately 3.30pm water came gushing through the doors of the public toilets and then leaked through the floor and ceiling into the education office on the ground floor.

Education Officer Claire Turnbull stated: “I couldn’t believe it – water just started falling through the ceiling into the light fittings and onto desks and computers.  It happened so fast and before we knew it we were up to our ankles in water with the lights off!”

The full extent of the damage is not yet known however, all electrical equipment in the education office has been damaged including computers and phones.  Carpets, chairs and all the education team’s packs and resources, plus the beautiful collection of primate books in the education library have been ruined.

Claire added: “I cannot believe the destruction it has caused.  It’s just terrible.  Our education resources are vital for the work that we do in educating local schools, colleges and universities on conservation and primate welfare.  Not to mention the computers – we cannot function without them.  The weather has really affected us in many ways this year – our visitor numbers were down due to the wet summer.  There is nothing in the budget to repair this kind of damage and destruction.”

The recent stormy weather has caused many problems across the South West counties and is set to continue through the weekend.  The Sanctuary also experienced another emergency situation today with a tree threatening to fall onto one of the Barbary macaque enclosures.  The keepers acted quickly and moved the monkeys to a safe enclosure.  Arrangements have now been made for the tree to be removed.

The charity is appealing for help to repair the damage caused and replace equipment and resources.  An appeal has been put up on its facebook page www.facebook.com/wildfutures for anyone wishing to help donate funds or support.   Donations can also be made by texting SANC22 to 70070.