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Missy, capuchin rescued by Wild Futures in 2005

Help us end the suffering of thousands of pet primates in the UK! Below are a few simple things that you can do to support our campaign. You can find out more about the primate pet trade in our campaigns section.

Sign our Petition

End the keeping and trade of primates as pets!

Sign our petition and join us in speaking out for each and every primate being kept as a pet.

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Print our petition!

You can help our campaign by printing a copy of our petition and encouraging your friends and family to sign it.

When the sheet is full, just post it back to us at:


Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary

St Martin, Looe


PL13 1NZ

sign our petition

Every signature helps! Thank you.

Send a Letter or Email to your MP

You can send a letter to your local MP, encouraging them to support our campaign. You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them by visiting

Spread the word!

Few people are aware that it is still legal to keep monkeys as pets in the UK.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool – you can help to end this cruel trade by becoming an Ambassador for the primates.

I’ve done that, what now?!

You’ve signed our latest petition and written to your MP, so what else can you do to help primates?  Become an online activist!  If you would like to receive Wild Futures updates, including Action Alerts about issues affecting primates that you can help with, please sign up to our e-news and you will hear from us when we need to call on you for help! In the meantime, feel free to contact our Campaigns Team for any further information on


'Primate actor' on set during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5

‘Primate actor’ on set during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean

Earlier this year we raised serious concerns over the use of performing capuchin monkeys in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’, so it is disappointing to report that our concerns have been ignored, as these images of the capuchins ‘on set’ have appeared online. We need to continue to put pressure on the film’s producers to let them know that it is not acceptable to exploit primates in this way. Our petition has almost 80,000 signatures, but we need more- please SIGN and SHARE!

The Sun newspaper advert

The Sun newspaper has just released an advert, for The Fun section, featuring macaque monkeys. Please help our campaign by writing a polite letter to the following, explaining why this is wrong for primates and sends out a damaging message to kids and adults alike:

The Sun Editor:

Thomas Thomas Films:

The Box ad Agency:

You can also leave a complaint on the Advertising Standards Authority’s website.