Wild Futures, primate welfare and conservation charity, rescues new species and appeals for help

Coco and Kiki are marmoset monkeys and tragically just two of the many victims of the UK primate pet trade. Thanks to the generosity of their supporters, Wild Futures is offering them sanctuary and a forever home.Coco and Kiki


Sadly there are many more marmosets, just like Coco and Kiki that are waiting to be rescued. With three enquiries to rescue marmosets since January, Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary, which already provides a home for other monkey species and is recognised as offering outstanding care, is forced to turn them away to seek alternatives. Help is urgently needed to save more marmosets, the smallest victims in desperate need of rescuing.

Wild Futures’ Director, Rachel Hevesi, and Campaigns Officer, Sarah Hanson, travelled to the Houses of Parliament in London on Tuesday 21st of February for a very important and well attended Parliamentary Reception promoting a ban on the UK primate pet trade and highlighting rescue cases just like Coco’s and Kiki’s.

The great news is that Wild Futures has been able to say yes to Coco and Kiki, thanks to the generosity of their supporters. Sarah Hanson states, “They are our first marmoset rescues, but we do not want them to be our last! We are appealing to all animal lovers for donations that will truly save lives. The race is on to raise the valuable funds we need to finish our specialist enclosures so we stop saying no to these tiny victims of the trade and start saying YES!”

Rescue centres and sanctuaries are turning away monkeys because there are simply not enough facilities available. In the last few months Wild Futures’ Mission Marmoset Appeal has raised over £30,000 of the £70,000 target and work has started on the specialised enclosures necessary for these delicate animals.

Coco and Kiki will live in a completed specialised quarantine area, but they need a bigger, permanent home! Wild Futures is appealing for help to raise more funds to give Coco and Kiki and their future friends the quality of life they deserve.

Rachel Hevesi said “The suffering of these beautiful and intelligent monkeys is terrible. We have to stop this cruel trade. Meanwhile, Wild Futures is determined to create a safe home for Coco, Kiki and their future friends.”

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