Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary hit by flash flood

Internationally renowned primate welfare and conservation charity suffered damage at its headquarters near Looe in Cornwall during the extraordinary storm that hit the UK last night.

The charity’s sanctuary for victims of the primate pet trade experienced a flash flood as water suddenly poured into the main building, Murrayton House, and down through a ceiling to an office below.

Primate carer Kim Nicholson said: “The Sanctuary always has members of the primate care team on site 24 hours a day, in case of emergency, primarily for the monkeys. The storm last night was spectacular with lightening filling the skies and we were reassured that the monkeys were all safe, staying calm and taking shelter.”

But that changed when a brief deluge of rain caused a flash flood, triggering the alarm system.

Wild Futures Director, Rachel Hevesi, explained: “Staff and volunteers were there within seconds. It was 1.30am but everyone joined in to minimise the damage and make sure everyone was safe. We are assessing the damage and checking office equipment and educational materials but there will be costs for the charity which is obviously not good news.”

Meanwhile the monkeys are a little subdued this morning – the lightening was probably quite frightening for them and they did not get much sleep, just like the dedicated people who look after them.

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