Enrichment Toys for the Monkeys

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Our rescued monkeys love to play, it is one of the most important activities for them as they learn to make friends after years of being alone and under stimulated. By donating the cost of materials, you can help pay for our monkeys to enjoy new toys and items made by our staff and volunteers!

With your help we can offer the rescued monkeys at the Monkey Sanctuary things like paddling pools to splash around in, tubes and boxes to explore, tennis balls to fill with seeds and nuts, frozen ice blocks containing grapes and mango, footballs to play with, hay and straw piles to explore, sticks covered in malt extract with seeds stuck to them, hammocks made from bed sheets and monkey nut feeders that offer a nut prize if the monkey can work it through the maze!

Enrichment and toys are so important to our rescued monkeys; please help us to make each day special for them.

If you are a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid this purchase by ticking the Gift Aid box as you check out, this incurs no additional cost to you, but helps a great deal with our rescue and rehabilitation work at the Sanctuary!