Who is she? The Feisty Youngster (with lots to learn)

Special skills: Running very fast

Adopt Boo Boo


Please note that overseas adoptions cannot be paid for by monthly direct debit. You can pay annually via credit/debit card.


Adopting a monkey with Wild Futures really is a gift with a difference. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or another, you will be supporting the work of our charity and enabling us to protect primates and their habitats worldwide. The monkeys featured in the adoption scheme reside at projects run by Wild Futures. Each monkey is unique with their own characters and personalities so please do check out their monkey pictures and profiles. As a Monkey adopter you will receive:

  • A cuddly monkey toy (optional)
  • Personalised certificate of your adoption
  • Photo of your adopted monkey
  • Your monkey’s story
  • Species factsheet
  • Wild Futures newsletters throughout the year
  • Discounted entry fee to our Monkey Sanctuary

About Boo Boo

Boo-Boo (or Boo for short!) was living in a family's garden until rescued by the Monkey Sanctuary . Her owners contacted the Sanctuary when Boo-Boo began displaying signs of sterio-typical behaviour from being understimulated and living alone. Boo-Boo had initially been bought by the family from a breeder who sold her to them as a male capuchin. The family had no idea that Boo-Boo was a female until the Sanctuary's vets informed them when Boo was rescued some years later! The family later began to be harassed by the breeder who demanded more money than they had originally paid and then started to demand Boo back. Although puzzled and distrurbed by this at the time the family tried their hardest to ignore this harassment, changing their phone numbers and taking other precautions. In the pet trade, female monkeys are worth more than male because they are used for breeding purposes: to make more baby monkeys to sell. Baby monkeys are often taken away from their mothers before being weaned and this has a huge effect on both the physical and psycological welfare of the baby and mother. Boo-Boo was sold as a male, probably by accident by the breeder who, upon realising his mistake, tried to intimidate the family into paying out more money or returning Boo to him. Boo has settled in well with a large social group of black-capped capuchins at the Monkey Sanctuary. She has made a great friend, Mickey, another female black-cap and Charlie Brown, a male. Boo and Joey are also great friends and she became his first 'girlfriend', although this was not a monogamous or long-lasting relationship, it was an important one, especially for Joey who until coming to the Sanctuary had spent his life in a tiny cramped cage and has permenant disabilities because of this treatment.

Adopting Boo-Boo will help the Sanctuary to care and look after this young capuchin, but will also go towards helping our campaign to end the pet trade. Many more monkeys like Boo are living lonely and under-stimulated lives as pet in the UK; with your help, we can help them.

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