Mission Marmoset update

20160507_165815We are really excited to announce that we have started building for the marmosets!! While we are still fundraising for the whole build, thanks to our wonderful supporters, we have been able to start building a separate ‘quarantine’ enclosure.

A ‘quarantine’ or isolation area is absolutely crucial for new monkeys coming into the Sanctuary. They need to be in a separate enclosure away from the other monkeys, while we check that they are not carrying any infectious diseases that could be harmful to others. Time spent in the quarantine enclosure also allows us to make sure they are in good general health, and enables the monkey coming in to be somewhere safe, with minimal stress around, so they can begin to settle in.

P1010066This build is needed for all the rescued monkeys arriving at the Sanctuary and will be suitable for capuchins as well as marmosets; however this is exciting as it will enable us to start rescuing marmosets sooner, giving them a suitable and safe enclosure to stay in temporarily while the marmoset enclosures are finished.

None of this could have been possible without the amazing support and encouragement from our very valued supporters. Donations and fundraising efforts from kind hearted people and organisations have helped us reach over £20,000 already! We are still working towards our £60,000 target, if you want to help us with Mission Marmoset, please go to our marmoset appeal page.