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Wild Futures is the only UK primate welfare and conservation charity rescuing, campaigningeducating and providing sanctuary to primates in need. We also support projects overseas, working to protect primates and habitats worldwide.

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Sir David Attenborough marvels at the clever capuchins at Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary

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Wild Futures asks Rihanna to s...

Dear Rihanna, We are, once again, saddened to see you posing with a photo prop primate in Barbados. We are a primate wel...
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A few words from our supporters

Professor Richard Wrangham
Professor Richard Wrangham

Harvard University

"Ethical treatment of primates in captivity is a vital component of ensuring a future for primates in the wild. If we care for primates as individuals, we can care for them as species. Congratulations to Wild Futures for showing us the way."