Meet Coco and Kiki, Wild Futures first rescued marmosets!

Coco and Kiki are marmoset monkeys and tragically just two of the many victims of the UK primate pet trade. Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to give them sanctuary and a forever home.


Coco and Kiki

They are our first marmoset rescues, but we do not want them to be our last! We are appealing to all animal lovers for donations that will truly save lives. The race is on to raise the valuable funds we need to finish our specialised enclosures so we stop saying no to these tiny victims of the trade and start saying YES!”

With your help, we can provide a safe home for life and specialist care to dozens of little marmoset monkeys like Coco and Kiki.

Rescue centres and sanctuaries are turning away monkeys because there are simply not enough facilities available. In the last few months Wild Futures’ Mission Marmoset Appeal has raised over £30,000 of the £70,000 target and work has started on the specialised enclosures necessary for these delicate animals.

How your money has helped so far:

  • It has built the quarantine area that enabled us to rescue Coco and Kiki and will be their home until we have completed their specialised enclosures!
  • It has allowed us to start building on Coco and Kiki’s forever home!


marm build

Sadly there are many more marmosets, just like Coco and Kiki that are waiting to be rescued. Unfortunately, Wild Futures has had to say no to the three enquiries to rescue marmosets since January as there is just not the funds to rehome them all. Due to a lack of re-homing space in specialist facilities, we fear that these individuals are often sold on, to continue a life of suffering in the pet trade. Help is urgently needed to save more marmosets, the smallest victims in desperate need of rescuing.

Wild Futures is appealing for your continued support in raising more funds to give Coco and Kiki and their future friends the quality of life they deserve.

Marmoset monkeys are intelligent, social primates who naturally live in extended family groups in the lush rainforests of Brazil. These tiny, tropical monkeys are typically stolen from their mothers as infants and sold as pets for up to £1200. A lack of knowledge about their specialised needs often leads to them suffering terribly, physically and psychologically.

We need to call on your generosity once more to help us continue caring for Coco and Kiki and to push on with and finish their specialised enclosures.

£40,000 will provide enough funds to complete building on a brand new complex of spacious indoor and outdoor enclosures to accommodate rescued marmosets in social groups; affording them a stimulating three-dimensional environment with natural vegetation, branches, ropes, platforms and hiding places to allow them to express natural behaviours and spend their days socialising with others of their own kind.


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Donate by Text 
Simply text RESC01 plus the amount you want to give (e.g. RESC01 £20) to 70070 – you have the option to Gift Aid too!

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Contact a member of our team on 01503 262 532  to make your donation over the phone.

Get Involved!
Take a look at our fundraising pack below for ideas and tips on organising your very own fundraising event for the marmosets.

Your kindness can change lives

Thank you!