Miracle monkey celebrates 10 year anniversary at sanctuary

Wild Futures, is celebrating Joey the capuchin monkey’s 10 year rescue anniversary! Before arriving at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary Joey, spent 9 years as a pet in conditions that left him disabled and traumatised. Joey was taken from the rainforest in Suriname, South America; his mother was probably killed for bush meat. He was then … Continued

Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary hit by flash flood

Internationally renowned primate welfare and conservation charity suffered damage at its headquarters near Looe in Cornwall during the extraordinary storm that hit the UK last night. The charity’s sanctuary for victims of the primate pet trade experienced a flash flood as water suddenly poured into the main building, Murrayton House, and down through a ceiling … Continued

From Watchmakers to Monkeys – Cornish charity celebrates its heritage

The home of internationally renowned primate welfare and conservation charity Wild Futures is Murrayton House near Looe, Cornwall. Famous as the site for the Wild Futures flagship Monkey Sanctuary, the beautiful Victorian mock gothic house is a gem in itself. Of course every old house has its mysteries and legends and Murrayton is no exception. … Continued

Ivor the Wise Old Monkey turns 25!

For most people turning 25 is not such a big deal, but for Ivor the woolly monkey it is something to celebrate, if Ivor was a human, he would be around 75 years old! Ivor is the oldest woolly monkey at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary based near Looe, and he is loved by everyone. Although … Continued

The Patient Boss, the Spoilt one and the Trouble Maker

What comes to mind when you see this title? It probably won’t be that they are the nicknames for three monkeys that reside at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary near Looe, Cornwall! Wild Futures is a registered charity founded upon over five decades of experience as a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, … Continued