Wild Futures celebrates winning two awards at the Cornwall Tourism Awards

With 25 award categories at the Cornwall tourism awards covering everything from hotels and restaurants to activities and tourist information, Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary received bronze award for the wildlife friendly tourism category and silver award for sustainable tourism category as well as highly commended for the small visitor attraction category. The prestigious awards ceremony … Continued

Monkey Sanctuary Orphan Celebrates her 2nd Birthday

One of the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary residents, woolly monkey Lily, is celebrating her 2nd birthday on October 18th. The little monkey has stolen the hearts of her human carers and every visitor to the Monkey Sanctuary. The Sanctuary has a non-breeding policy and so Lily is the “happy accident” after her mother’s contraceptive pill … Continued

Unilad ignores pleas over monkey suffering

A group of concerned primate organisations contacted Unilad to ask them to stop sharing images of primates that misinform the public of their suitability as pets. So far Unilad has ignored every form of contact. Read on to find out more…   “When you’re searching for f*cks to give,” ran the banners pasted across a video … Continued

Neotropical Primate Conservation Grant Update

Funding from Wild Futures allowed NPC to visit four rescue centres in September 2015. The visits were programmed by an order of the Wildlife Authorities of San Martin, and were run by Patricia Mendoza (veterinary specialist in wildlife epidemiology) and Dr. Noga Shanee (NPC’s biodiversity management specialist). Veterinarians María Belén Aguirre and Alexa Suárez Felice joined us for two … Continued

Mission Marmoset update

We are really excited to announce that we have started building for the marmosets!! While we are still fundraising for the whole build, thanks to our wonderful supporters, we have been able to start building a separate ‘quarantine’ enclosure. A ‘quarantine’ or isolation area is absolutely crucial for new monkeys coming into the Sanctuary. They … Continued

Vervet Monkey Foundation Grant Update

The grant from Wild Futures provided enough finances for 3 months to recruit two local unemployed people (under the training and supervision of project Manager Innocent) who we could train and pass on skills. One of the employees Lucas showed so much enthusiasm that we have decided to take him on permanently. By working in … Continued

Life in a small cage – The experience of a caged keeper

24 hours confined to raise funds for marmoset rescue and awareness about the primate pet trade 4 April 2016   8.15am I am settling in to my 3x4x6 cage. I’ve got a few books; my laptop; some cushions and a quilt… and plenty of time.  Nine colleagues have preceded me, each spending their 24-hour stint … Continued

Monkey Keepers Caged for Charity!

Eleven Keepers at Looe-Based Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary are getting locked in a cage for 24 hours over the next two weeks to raise funds for crucial monkey rescues. The charity has launched an urgent appeal to rescue a number of tiny marmoset monkeys from conditions of abuse and neglect in the primate pet trade … Continued

Monkeys Marvel at Chinese New Year!

The primate residents at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary are celebrating the Chinese New Year, in tribute to the Year of the Monkey. The Looe-based charity have come up with an apt way to celebrate Chinese New Year; by giving gifts to the monkeys that pay homage to Chinese tradition. The fortunate monkeys have received gift … Continued